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Studio Posing Guide and Ideas for Pregnancy Photography

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In the later stages of pregnancy, changes to your body shape will make good posture understandably difficult. There will be a tendency to slouch, resulting in your shoulders coming forward and your back to curve. This isn't a very flattering look in a photo and should be avoided at all costs. The answer is simple - when you are in the studio be aware of the problem and always stand with your back straight and your shoulders back. You may find it difficult to maintain good posture throughout the studio session so we suggest you take time out occasionally and do some light stretching. Slouching in studio photos is the most common fault amongst people in the studio for the first time. An arched back is a much better look than one that is slouched.

At the Beginning of the Photo Shoot

You will probably be feeling a little daunted by the whole situation - you will be in a strange place, in front of complete strangers taking pictures of you, possibly semi clothed (or semi naked). Even a professional model would feel a little nervous. What we suggest is that you start off in a pose that is completely natural to you, such as sitting on the floor and leaning back on your hands.

Begin the session by not looking directly into the camera lens. You can look away, look to the sides of the camera or even close your eyes. This will give you a chance to absorb the atmosphere of the studio, relax and feel comfortable in your surroundings. A good starting pose is also a 3/4 length pregnant silhouette which shows a side view of you body shape. It's an easy pose to do which requires little input on your behalf and will help you get into the swing of things. The photographer may also suggest doing close ups of you cradling your belly as a starting point.

Variations in each Particular Pose

Our photographers will gently guide you through a series of poses that suit you body shape and personality. We actively encourage our pregnant mums to come up with their own ideas and have as much input into the whole process as possible. The more input you put in, the more in control, relaxed comfortable you will feel. Once a particular pose has been decided on our photographers will multiple shots of that pose from slightly different angles.

It helps our photographers enormously if you vary the pose slightly between each shot. For instance, you can rotate your helps slightly, change the angle of you shoulders and move you head up or down and from side to side. Not every shot is going to work, but having as much variation within a particular pose as possible will help you to achieve a really outstanding pregnancy picture.

Pregnancy Posing - Tips on Standing

The majority of standing pregnancy poses vary between a side and 3/4 profile view. Here is a very simple technique which all professional models use and will give your pregnancy photos a real boost. Simply lift the heel of your front foot (the one nearest the camera) while still keeping you toes on the ground. This will cause you body weight to automatically shift to your back leg.

Practice in front of a mirror and vary the pose by moving the front leg from side to side, backwards and forwards. Vary the height of the heel and bend the front knee as required. This technique may feel a little unnatural at first, but it it will result in some fabulous pregnancy photos from your studio shoot.

Seated Pregnancy Poses

A classic pose is sitting on the floor, cross legged, with hands on you knees or cradling your belly. Another variation of this putting you hand on the floor behind you and leaning on them. A progression of this is to extend you legs in front of you, keeping one leg straight and the other bent at the knee.

Pregnancy Studio Shoots - What to do with your Hands

Working out what to do with your hands during a photo shoot can be a problem. However, pregnant women have a rather obvious advantage. you can place both hands clasped below your belly, you can rest your hands on top of your belly, or you can cradle your belly by placing one hand below and one had on top.

If you are topless, one of your hands can be placed across your breasts creating a sense of pleasing modesty while still being semi nude. A variation of this is to place your hands on opposite shoulders causing your arms to cross in front of your breasts creating a beautiful result.

What to Wear for your Pregnancy Photo Shoot

There are no hard and fast rules on what to wear for pregnancy photo shoots - wear whatever you feel comfortable in. We would suggest avoiding intricate, fussy, patterned clothing. The exception to this is clothing which has a strong geometric pattern, especially if it is quite clingy or elastic and follows the contours of your belly. Such patterned clothing will help to accentuate your pregnant shape.

A time honoured classic of pregnancy photography is to wear a man's white shirt. Wearing your old jeans, unzipped and open at the top is also a popular look, and helps to accentuate your pregnant state. Strong, bold colours work well in the studio as does black and white clothing.

Pregnancy Photo Shoot Preparation

Before you come into the studio practice your poses in front of a mirror wearing different outfits. Don't forget to practice raising the heel of your front foot and practice changing the poses slightly as each photo is taken. A little preparation and practice beforehand will help you feel more empowered, confident and in control when you come into the studio for your photo shoot, leading to truly iconic and beautiful pregnancy photos to be proud of.

We ask our pregnancy clients to come in with your hair ready styled, and natural looking makeup applied ( although you may want to apply your makeup a little heavier than usual to avoid looking too pale in the studio). As your hands will definitely play a large part in your pregnancy shoot, please pay close attention to the condition of your nails.

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