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Our professional studio photographers know you are likely to a be a little nervous in front of the camera and will give you advice and guidance throughout your studio session. The following advice is designed to help you get the most out of your time in our photo studios.

Photo Studios

Take a Look at our Studio Posing Guide Ideas

Posing and Lighting Styles

Before you come in for a photo studio have a look on the internet and magazines for poses you can see yourself doing. Remember effective, meaningful poses normally require a degree of exaggeration in body movement to work in a studio environment. Bring in photos of lighting styles you like and we will assimilate these into your photo shoot.

Photo Portfolio

General Preparation

Getting Ready for your Photo Shoot

Accessorising a photo shoot is a quick and easy way to introduce variety into your studio photos, especially if you have booked a 30 minute shoot and a little restricted on time. Base ball caps, hats, scarves, jewelry, jackets and props such as mobile phones, microphones, guitars and sunglasses.

Pay particular attention to your changes of outfit. Don't bring in clothing with complicated fussy patterns unless there is a good reason to do so. Brightly coloured bold outfits work well in the studio as does classic black and white clothing

Think about what you would like the final result to look like and select you outfits accordingly. It's good to bring in different outfits which depict definite styles - evening wear, sportswear, casual jeans and T-shirt. and swim wear are a few examples.

Makeover Preparation - Further Advice

Makeovers Boudoir Glamour and Model Portfolio Shoots

Please don't wear any make up when you arrive. You hair should be ready styled for your photo shoot unless you have arranged with us beforehand to do hairstyling as well. If this case please arrive at the photos studio with washed clean hair free of any products.

If you hair needs intricate styling to achieve the look you want please phone our studios and let us know in advance. You will need to spend longer in makeup and there will be an small charge for this. Don't forget to have your nails done as these can make or break a beauty/glamour/boudoir photo shoot .

Do come in waxed and shaved if you have booked a glamour/boudoir shoot with us. An all over tan can look fantastic - use tanning products the night before.